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Social media and posting guidelines

EMD Serono welcomes you to participate in our discussion, commenting, and social media channels. We welcome you to contribute to the discussion, but for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of all users of Our Website, we require that you to follow these simple rules.

No impersonation
Be yourself. Do not impersonate any other party or disguise the source of any information you submit. This includes, but isn’t limited to, impersonating medical professionals or other users.

Required to disclose connections to Us
Disclose Any Professional Connections. If you are Our employee or have a professional connection to EMD Serono and are contributing in your personal capacity, you must disclose your position. For example, you may include a phrase in your comment stating, "I am a EMD Serono employee commenting in my own personal capacity.”

No solicitation of personal information
Take care with personal information. Avoid providing or soliciting personal information that might allow others to identify, contact, track, harass, or impersonate you or another person.

Prohibited content
Be civil in all of your interactions with Our Website. Do not, and do not attempt to, defame, ridicule, libel, mock, disparage, harass, threaten, intimidate, abuse, bully, defraud or mislead other users. Do not make offensive or inappropriate comments, including but not limited to offensive or inappropriate comments about race, religion, social class, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability. Avoid using, posting, linking, or otherwise making available profane, obscene, indecent, pornographic, sexual or otherwise objectionable content.

Right to remove & review content
Inappropriate content is unwelcome. We may remove any such content from Our Website without notice. We reserve the right to review any comments or posts prior to posting them to Our Website, so your comments and posts may not appear right away.

No IP infringement
Respect the Intellectual Property of others. Only post content if you own or have the appropriate rights to the content - including any right required to post or share that content on Our Website.

Canadian Laws
Respect Our Intellectual Property. All of the content that EMD Serono creates or posts on Our Website, including any trademarks, logos, taglines, videos, text, photos, graphics, and designs is protected under Canadian and international trademark and copyright laws, intellectual property laws, proprietary rights and laws, and is owned by or licensed to EMD Serono unless otherwise indicated.

License granted by posting
You own the content you post, but you grant Us a license. By posting content to Our Website, you grant Us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post. If the content you post is Feedback, you grant us additional rights (see above).

Not responsible for user content
We Are Not Responsible for User Created Content. By using Our Website, you acknowledge and understand that EMD Serono  does not endorse and is not responsible for any shared, posted, or linked to comments, references, opinions, claims, advice or other content shared here by any user of Our Website.

Canadian use only
Our Website and these Conditions of Use have been designed to comply with Canadian laws and regulations to allow use by Canadian individuals only. Any information We provide is intended Canadian individuals only.

Do not provide medical advice or information
Do not share your own or anyone else’s medical information. Do not attempt to provide medical advice on this Website. Medical questions should be addressed to a qualified physician or health care provider. Information on Our Website is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any health condition or problem.

From time to time we may have to remove posts, comments, or other shared content comment from Our Website. Here's why:

  • No endorsement of 3rd parties
    Your comment inappropriately references a product, service, or website (ours or someone else's). EMD Serono  doesn’t endorse any users' comments other than Our own, but we still have to pay attention to the laws and regulations that govern our industry in Canada. In many cases, we are only allowed to mention name, price and quantity when discussing a product. Also, often we cannot allow links to third party websites since we cannot ensure that they contain, and will continue to contain, information that is both fair and balanced.
  • No adverse event or reaction reporting
    Your comment references a possible adverse event. Your comment includes reference to a possible adverse event related to any product. You may contact us to report an adverse event related to a EMD Serono product at: 
    Fertility: 1-800-387-8479
    Neurodegenerative Diseases: 1-888-677-3243
    Endocrinology: 1-877-724-9361
    If you are not Canadian, ask a qualified physician or health care provider for more information or contact your local health authority to report adverse events.
  • No vulgarity
    Your comment includes vulgarity. If you use bad language, your comment or post may be removed. We may also remove comments and posts we deem to be a personal attack of any kind or which we deem to be offensive, including for use of terms that target specific ethnic, racial, religious, age or gender orientation groups. Treat other users with respect at all times.
  • No medical advice
    You are providing medical advice. We know our users want to help one another, but serious legal, regulatory, and health related implications may result from spreading unsolicited and unverified medical advice; we can't allow it on Our Website. As always, consult a qualified physician or health care provider for medical advice.
  • Off-Topic Questions
    Your comment is spam. Sometimes comments are spam, are clearly off-topic, make unsupported claims, or promote services or products. Please do not use Our Website for these purposes.
  • Other
    Computers can be tricky. Sometimes we will need to remove a comment or comments for a reason not outlined above, or comments may be removed or may not be posted due to technical reasons. If that is the case, we will attempt to post a notification to Our Website indicating why comments or posts were removed. But please know that EMD Serono reserves the right to delete any comment at its sole discretion.

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