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Posté 25 mars 2022

Shizuoka, Shizuoka - Japan

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A career at our company is an ongoing journey of discovery: our 58,000 people are shaping how the world lives, works and plays through next generation advancements in Healthcare, Life Science and Electronics. For more than 350 years and across the world we have passionately pursued our curiosity to find novel and vibrant ways of enhancing the lives of others.


Everything we do in Electronics is to help us deliver on our purpose of being the company behind the companies, advancing digital living. We are dedicated to being the trusted supplier of high-tech materials, services and specialty chemicals for the electronics, automotive and cosmetics industries. We foster a global collaborative organization made up of individuals who have the passion to win, obsess about the customer, are relentlessly curious and act with urgency. Together, we push the boundaries of science to make more possible for our customers.



In commercialization of new product, Launch management is a support role for quick manufacturing transfer without missing the timing of mass production of customers, and it plays a role to connect between R&D and Operation by making full use of a wide range of information and knowledge.

Take full ownership of the sample from request to Customer receipt, ensure coordination and communication with experts for fast response of the product samples.


We accurately convey the situation in R&D to Operation so that R&D can prepare the data necessary for Operation and commercialization. Launch management team arrange to avoid creating gaps between each other.

Bring best practices as senior expertise from sheer technical and operational perspective into product launching process, to ensure that identified risks can be addressed before going to high volume manufacturing phase.


we also sometimes participate in or lead projects as needed.

Monitor and track all ongoing product launch activities which require the production facility in Shizuoka site, to make the best use of Shizuoka production capability for our Business.

Represent Semiconductor Materials ISC Shizuoka site in matters of rapid sample delivery as part of the “Need for Speed” initiative, head of Semiconductor Materials kicked-off this year and take the important responsibility to make smooth product launch possible from R&D to Production.


The required abilities include "broad knowledge of commercialization", "communication skills", "problem-solving skills", and "leadership".

After joining the company (assignment), sufficient training will be provided for specific product knowledge and specialized knowledge.



Launch managementの役割


- 新製品の製品化において、お客様の量産タイミングを逃すことなく迅速に製造移管するためのサポート役であり、幅広い情報・知識を駆使して研究開発とオペレーションをつなぐ役割を担っています。

- サンプルの依頼からお客様の受け取りまででオーナーシップを持ち、製品サンプルの迅速な対応のために各部署との調整とコミュニケーションを確実に行います。

- 研究開発の状況をオペレーションに的確に伝え、オペレーションや製品化に必要なデータを研究開発が準備できるようにし、研究開発とOperationのお互いの間にギャップが生じないよう調整します。 

- 量産に移行する前に、特定されたリスクに対処できるように、技術的・運用的な観点から、ベストプラクティスを製品立ち上げのプロセスに提案、導入します。

- また、必要に応じて、プロジェクトに参加したり、プロジェクトをリードすることもあります。静岡サイトの生産能力をメルクの事業に最大限に活用するために、静岡サイトの生産施設を必要とするすべての進行中のプロジェクトを監視および追跡します

- 「NeedforSpeed」イニシアチブの一環として、静岡サイトを代表し、研究開発から生産までスムーズな製品発売を可能にする重要な責任を負います。 (「NeedforSpeed」: 製品化のスピードアップをはかるためのプロジェクト)





Recruiting Contact: Maiko Yamasue



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