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To mark World Infertility Awareness Month, EMD Serono is helping bring attention to the impact of infertility on Canadians

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24 JUN 2021


Jodi Collis


During World Infertility Awareness Month my team and I are reflecting on some of the most pressing issues affecting our patient community.

One of the things I love most about my job is hearing from patients, especially stories of how EMD Serono has helped changed their lives.

June is World Infertility Awareness Month (WIAM), and as we remember millions of couples around the globe who experience infertility, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on some of those deeply personal and emotional journeys, and gain fresh inspiration on our mission to passionately lead the way to help families here in Canada grow.

This month, my team and I are looking forward to reflecting on some of the most pressing issues affecting our patient community and recognizing the amazing work of the groups who advocate for them.

Sharing to help raise awareness

Most folks looking to start a family have some inkling of what fertility struggles are. But once they realize there might be an issue, many don’t know what to do about it.

WIAM provides a platform for educational activities and events that can help thousands of Canadians and people around the world get a better understanding of when to seek a consultation, what their options are and how to access treatment.

Through conversations and information sharing this month and beyond, advocates and specialists in the field will give people experiencing infertility a chance to learn what it’s really about and, most importantly, help them understand that they’re not alone. 

Supporting patient groups and the whole community

As a leader in providing solutions for people experiencing infertility, EMD Serono offers a range of treatments and services to support patients through their fertility journey. But we know our work in supporting our patients doesn’t stop there.

During WIAM it’s important that we step up and add to our year-round efforts in supporting the patient groups who advocate tirelessly for the fertility patient community. I’m particularly proud to support Canadian patient groups and organizations as they extend that conversation and explore all the issues affecting the one in six Canadian couples of childbearing age who experience difficulty conceiving.1

June is also Pride month in Canada and around the world, which serves as a timely reminder that infertility affects people broadly across many communities. It’s important that we continue to celebrate family in all its diverse forms, and support all our fellow Canadians embarking on their personal fertility journey.

The more we can provide support across all communities, the more Canadians can grow their families. It’s our hope that the conversations and activities that take place this month will empower people with the confidence to speak up and seek out the care they need earlier in their journey.

Promoting open discussion

There’s a lot of work still to do in supporting fertility and pregnancy journeys in Canada and addressing perceived stigma around infertility is one important issue.

Thankfully, throughout the year patient groups and organizations do fantastic work in providing the platforms and spaces for people to talk about their experiences. It’s clear that the more comfortable people become with sharing – both privately and with their friends, families and healthcare providers – the more quickly they can get the treatment they need.

The profile that WIAM and other infertility-focused health promotion events give to this issue helps bring hope to those undertaking a fertility journey, while promoting understanding in communities everywhere.


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