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Making new connections to help Canadians live healthier lives

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02 AUG 2022


Javed Alam


Newly Appointed Managing Director of EMD Serono, Canada, Javed Alam shares his outlook for the company’s future and his strategy to get there.

When I survey the landscape of EMD Serono, Canada and consider its future, I see a path to even more breakthrough growth and discovery that will make a lasting difference in the lives of so many patients and their families.


I’m so proud to be in Canada and leading an organization that continues to uphold a 350-year legacy from our parent company of innovation driven by the desire to help create, improve and prolong lives. The incredible achievements from this market in our specialized therapeutic areas speak to the skills of this high-performing, talented team and theorganization’s open, collaborative culture.

For more than three decades, EMD Serono, Canada has been putting patients first in developing and expanding treatment options for Canadians. This resonates personally as I too have been working for almost as long. In my 24 years (and counting) in the pharmaceutical industry, I’ve managed business for various multinational healthcare companies around the globe—most recently as the General Manager of Merck, KGaA Darmstadt, Germany’s Korean Healthcare business.

I love to travel and connect with people. Across countries, languages, what remains constant, in my experience, is there’s no growth without empowerment. Everywhere, people are looking to make connections. When we work together, we empower each other to do our best.

We have a unique position in Canada—we’re an international market, and one of the few countries that offer the level of diversity which is a part of our country’s DNA. I have already observed how teams encourage each other to pursue innovation, to expand and evolve therapeutic pipelines in our focus areas of oncology, neurology, immunology, fertility and endocrinology.

As we look toward upcoming launches and new pathways to growing our pipelines, we know together we are helping to solve the unmet needs in the patient experience. And as we strive to keep offering therapies that stand out, we are committed to showing up for our patient communities and the communities in which we operate.

It’s a privilege to lead such a talented team of experts. I look forward to making new, strong connections with each of you and inspiring each other to help create, improve and prolong life. Not to forget, also to have some fun together.